The New Anarchism (1974-2012) – Where to Buy It?

Volume 3

People have been asking me where to buy Volume Three of Anarchism: A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas. Subtitled The New Anarchism (1974-2012), Volume Three was published in November 2012 and is available in paperback for $28.99. Clocking in at 606 pages, that is a great deal. However, for some reason Amazon is not carrying the paperback edition, or is referring people to outside sellers who want ridiculous amounts for it. The solution: order the paperback edition from AK Press:

Or from Chapters/Indigo Books in Canada at:

Or order Volume Three from Barnes and Noble in the U.S.:

The New Anarchism

The New Anarchism

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  1. Hey Robert! I’m a big fan and having finally gotten my hardcover copy of your third volume of Anarchism from However the hardcover copy I received didn’t come with an outside paper cover with the awesome cover photo and title, just a brown hardcover with the name and title on the spine of the book. I paid $48 for it and really wish I could get the cover art sleeve from you or somewhere somehow. It’s a powerful cover and really want to give it the beauty it deserves next to the other 2 volumes of Anarchism History. Is there any way you could possibly send me the cover art sleeve for Volume 3, with possibly your autograph? I’ll pay if I have to, I just want the cover sleeve so bad and make the waiting for its release even more worth it, with your autograph too. I hope this comment reaches you and there is someway to make this all possible. Please and thank you as we’ll for putting together an amazing anthology of Anarchism that the ideas of Anarchism deserves!

    • Is Amazon still not carrying the paperback edition of Anarchism Volume Three: The New Anarchism (1974-2012)? You can get the paperback edition, with the cover art and blurbs, from AK Press, Barnes & Noble and, in Canada, Chapters/Indigo.

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